Plácido Domingo – My Second Forty Years

A film by Eric Schulz

At 40, he had already reached the peak of his career. But Plácido Domingo, equipped with the ability to renew himself again and again, not only continued to improve as an artist. Through his singing competition “Operalia” and managing two opera houses, he became the most influential singer of the present day. For the first time in his life, Domingo is now experiencing a sharp headwind in the course of the #MeToo movement. We accompany him at this unexpectedly bitter turning point in his life and take a look behind the scenes of the emotionally heated events.

When Plácido Domingo published his autobiography “My First Forty Years” at the age of 40, he closed it with a “Preface to My Next Forty Years”. A lot of things happened the way he outlined them. Some things turned out differently and some were completely unexpected…

That he would learn more roles, make more records and films than any other opera singer may have been a logical development. That he would become a world star, appealing not only to millions but to billions of people, came as a surprise. Just as no one, least of all himself, could have foreseen that he would even improve vocally in his “Second Forty Years,” while others between their mid-40s and mid-50s were already balancing physical signs of age with artistic maturity. This path leads to the present, where at the age of 81 he is still singing major roles, so that here, too, one must realize with amazement: there
has never been anything like it.

With Domingo we face the interesting question of how a man so endowed by nature did neither turn out somewhat superficial in his art nor became lethargic in the pursuit of his career? What drives a man who has no shortcomings or does not feel such within himself? And how did it affect him, when his world suddenly collapsed?