1923 – Musik im Aufbruch

Together with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, the young, upcoming conductor Erina Yashima takes a journey back in time through the year 1923. Using five key works from the 1920s, she fans out the musical, but also historical context of the time.


1923: While crises shake Germany and Europe, the age of German radio begins in Berlin. In music, too, we experience a mirror of the times. New media and old traditions, revolution and perseverance, jazz and art music confront each other.


100 years later, Erina Yashima not only presents the compositional contexts and what the details noted in the scores reveal about the time, but also delves deep into the 1920s with the viewer using the historical archive. Meanwhile we discover how many links there are to our own time and how close this music still is to us.


Each episode of the five-part series “1923 – Musik im Aufbruch” focuses on a key work. All 5 episodes are currently available on the online platform of ARD:


George Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue (1923/24) ​

Béla Bartók: Tanzsuite (1923) 

Igor Strawinsky: Oktett für Blasinstrumente (1923–1925)  

Arthur Honegger: Pacific 231 (1923) ​

Darius Milhaud: La création du monde (1923) ​





Host: Erina Yashima

Director & Author: Dag Freyer

Editing & Animation: Ben Mauser

DOP: Benjamin Wistorf

Sound: Markus Genge

Music consulting: Tobias Bleek

Production Assistant: Marguerite Kleinknecht, Franziska Henkel

Production Management: Mária Géczi

Commissioning Editor BR: Meret Forster, Theresa März

Producer: Bernhard von Hülsen, Maria Willer



A production by 3B-Produktion commissioned by BR-Klassik

Online at ARD-Mediathek since 11.05.2023