Painting, Smoking, Eating – The Painter Philipp Guston

The extraordinary work of American artist Philip Guston (1913-1980) is a landmark of modern painting. Guston is one of the most discussed painters of his time. Witty, lively, absurd and always on the pulse of their time, his paintings touch deeply – and are more current than ever.


“Painting, Smoking, Eating – The Painter Philipp Guston” by Marion Kollbach follows his career spanning half a century, marked by his struggles with the material as well as American society and relentlessly searching for truth to bear witness. It is a personal portrait that offers the opportunity to discover more deeply one of the seminal painters of American modernism through the eyes of his daughter, friends, and contemporary artists.


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A film by Marion Kollbach


Editor: Barbara Gies

Director of Photography: Christoph Valentien

Animation & Titel Design: Toby Cornish

Music: Christoph M. Kaiser & Julian Maas

Narration: Monika Solem


Produced by 3B-Produktion with the support of The Guston Foundation in co-production with ZDF in collaboration with Arte


© ZDF/3B-Produktion 2023