Salut Salon – A Quartet on Truck Tour

“Truck Tour” is the name of the new, fresh summer show, with which Salut Salon, a women’s piano quartet, not only defies the emotional summer gap in times of Corona, but also stirs up the music scene with its very special esprit. The repertoire that Salut Salon presents on the short trip through Hamburg ranges from Bach to Tchaikovsky, Tango and Swing and to their own compositions. Whether old or young, classic or not – Salut Salon enraptures its audience once more with a unique mixture of charm, wit and charisma.

The stage setting is a 12-ton truck on which the charming lady quartet presents itself at four unusual “hotspots” in Hamburg’s Elbe metropolis. They play for the residents and employees of the Augustinum Retirement Home on the Elbe River, for the children and coaches of the “Rabauken (Bullies)”, the St. Pauli Soccer Club, for the Meyer family who run the “Wigand and Christian Meyer” vegetable farm beyond the Elbe metropolis and finally for the employees of the Hamburg Kunsthalle, who made their cultural programme accessible to the public even under difficult conditions. The quartet’s performances are thereby paying their musical tribute to all the unknown heroes and heroines of our new life in the crisis.

A film by Ralf Pleger
Editor: Frank Tschöke
Camera: Beatrice Albrecht, Maik Behres, Stefan Janecke, Felix Schlag
Video Engineer: Arno Scholwin
Sound: Thorsten Seeliger, Jan Steffensen
Gaffer: Lars Gussmann, Melanie Voll
Make-up: Melanie Güldal, Nicole Rosner
Styling: Clara-Lina Deinhard
Set Manager: Elias Amler
Production Manager: Mária Géczi
Commissioning Editor (ZDF): Elke Schwenck
Head of Music department (ZDF): Tobias Feilen
Executive Producers: Bernhard von Hülsen, Maria Willer

A Production of 3B-Produktion GmbH
Commissioned by ZDF/3sat