Edition Salzgeber

The Florence Foster Jenkins Story

Florence Foster Jenkins is known as “the worst singer of all times” and yet she is a cult figure whose recordings still outsell many contemporary singers. From the 1920’s onwards her public performances were events that drew huge crowds who were treated to singing that was so awful it became compelling. Jenkins’ 1944 sold-out Carnegie Hall recital remains one of the legendary nights of this great house.

For the first time, a documentary feature film will examine this enigma, the woman behind this aural assault on the public. EMMY-nominated director Ralf Pleger (WAGNERWAHN/The Wagner Files) portrays the self-appointed prima donna as a rebellious and eccentric personality and explores the phenomenon of her success.

The documentary part of the film features renowned experts in the field and also New Yorkers who remember seeing Foster Jenkins perform. The Florence Foster Jenkins Story also presents spectacular archival discoveries—private, previously unpublished photos as well as original audio recordings. These findings gradually expose the scandal and mystery that dogged Jenkins’ life.

The Florence Foster Jenkins Story is an innovative and dynamic fusion of documentary and fictional film. One noteworthy casting choice is certain to attract attention: “the worst singer in the world” will be played by one of the best—if not the best female opera singer alive! The sensational line-up will be announced soon.

Now available on Netflix!

Documentary feature film, 2016, 90 min.

Director: Ralf Pleger
DOP: Chris Valentien
Editing: Frank Tschöke
Stage & Costume Design: Daria Kornysheva
Production Manager: Pit Pallesche
Line Producer: Linn Sackarnd
Producer: Bernhard von Hülsen, Maria Willer

TV-Partners: ZDF/Arte, SRF, ORF, NRK, SVT
Theatrical Distribution Germany: Edition Salzgeber
Film funds: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, DFFF (Deutscher Filmförderfonds)
Co-Financing: Donna Leon, Galerie Kornfeld Berlin
International Distribution: Espresso Media International