In production for RBB/Arte

The Philharmonix

Founded by members of the Philharmonic Orchestras from Berlin and Vienna, the PHILHARMONIX branded their ensemble-DNA with an important codex: they play everything – literally EVERYTHING! – they have always wanted to play. Virtuosity and iron discipline meets with boundless joy and passion for music of every kind. Tristan meets Tango, Strauss’ “Fledermaus“ meets Queens „Don’t stop me now“, „Summertime“ meets Beethoven. Together with the PHILHARMONIX we take their feel-good-music off the stage and right into everyday life: They play in elaborately staged clips in a Tango-Club, but also inside a car repair shop, or on a soccer field.

Documentary, GER, 2019, 43 min.

A film by Magdalena Zieba-Schwind


DOP: Chris Valentien

Sound: Robert Sandow

Editor: Nina Mühlenkamp

Commissioning Editor: Christian von Behr

Executive Producer: Bernhard von Hülsen, Maria Willer


A 3B-Produktion GmbH production for RBB together with Arte and Deutsche Grammophon. Distributed by Euroarts.