Berlinische Galerie

Paint it all!

The exhibition “Paint it all! Recent painting from Berlin ” (12.10.22-6.2.23) is a bugle call and a love letter to recent painting in Berlin. The artists of the exhibition discuss their works in the videos and give insight into their artistic practice.


Tamina Amadyar – blue world, 2020 Play

Tatjana Doll – CAR_Crankcase, 2008/2018

Philip Grözinger – Rise like lions after slumber 1+2, 2018

Eberhard Havekost – Eberhard Havekost, Geist, B12, 2012

Olaf Holzapfel – Notice 8, 2008

Zora Mann – The Daughter of the Easter Egg, 2017

Gerold Miller – Anlage 129, 1996

Peter Stauss – Dutch Master (Mumie), 2015

Christine Streuli – Warpainting_008, 2016/2017


Editor: Nina Mühlenkamp
Camera: Sven Jakob-Engelmann
Sound: Karsten Höfer
Editorial BG: Linus Lütcke
Producers: Bernhard von Hülsen, Maria Willer