Gambit Pictures, NDR/ARTE

Piano Dreams

There are currently 40 million piano students in China. With many practising up to ten hours a day, pianomania has truly gripped the nation. The film follows three young hopefuls and their dedicated families as they chase their dreams in the ultra-competitive world of piano education. It’s both an intimate portrait of remarkably talented young musicians and a glimpse into the lives of the new Chinese middle class: their aspirations, their sacrifices and their sheer drive to succeed.


Director: Gary Lennon

Writers: Gary Lennon, Raymond McCormack

Co-director: Richard Hughes

Producer: Raymond McCormack

Co-Producers: Bernhard von Hülsen, Maria Willer

Commissioning Editor (NDR): Claudia Cellarius

Cinematographers: Richard Hughes, Sascha Schoeberl

Editors: Cara Holmes, Imke Koseck


Documentary, 2022. 52 and 90 minutes

A co-production with Gambit Pictures and NDR, in cooperation with ARTE, SVT, NTR, NRK, YLE and Vendetta. With the support of the Creative Europe Media Programme and Screen Ireland. Distributed by Met Films.