Art and Crime – Forgery

The stories tell about 60 faked works of art, ranging from Pollock over Rothko to Motherwell. And about nine-figure losses. The forgery scandal regarding the Knoedler Gallery in New York outweighs by far the one concerning Beltracchi.

Why do fakes repeatedly become part of the most important museum collections worldwide? Why can forgers consistently deceive great connoisseurs of art so easily and why have so many fakes up to now not yet been uncovered?

Knoedler and the Chinese throws a light on a case of so a shattering an effect that New York’s eldest gallery was engulfed and vitally endangered by the c

Documentary D, 2015, 45 min.
Television Premiere: June 13, 2015 / 9.40 p.m.

Director & Script: Carl von Karstedt
Off-Camera Speaker: Sophie Rois
Idea: Bernhard von Hülsen, Carl von Karstedt, Torsten Berg
DOP: Chris Valentien
Sound: Robert Sandow, Lucie Westbrock
Art-Direction: Philipp Baben der Erde
Graphics & Animation: Andreea Varga, Michael Wende
Editing: Nina Mühlenkamp
Archive: Sophie Jennert, Hanna Belz
Production Assistant: Pit Pallesche
Production Manager: Johanna Bergel
Line Producer: Linn Sackarnd
Producers: Bernhard von Hülsen, Maria Willer
Commissioning Editor: Thomas Janssen (3sat)

A production on behalf of ZDF/3sat