Rheinklang erleben – Das Rheingau Musik Festival

The international music elite meets in the unique cultural landscape of the Rheingau at the Rheingau Music Festival. Monasteries, castles, and wineries become backdrops for sonic-cultural flights of fancy. As the festival’s focus artist and door opener, Sarah Willis gives us a taste of selected concerts and typical festival locations and takes us to places steeped in history such as Kloster Eberbach , the stylish Kurhaus Wiesbaden or Schloss Johannisberg, the cradle of great wine culture. In addition to encounters with the festival organizers and Rheingau personalities, the focus is on two concerts with star pianist Bruce Liu and flutist Ana de la Vega.

A film by Sylvie Kürsten, Grete Liffers and Andreas Morell

90 minutes

First broadcast: 01.10.2023, Arte

Camera: Carl Philipp Jung, Hans Jakobi
Drone: Damian Domin
Editing: Volker Schaner
Musical recording direction: Karel Bruggemann, Philipp Nedel
Sound mixing: Cornelius Rapp
Color correction and mastering: Eric Giese
Post production: Arno Scholwin
Production: Franziska Henkel
Producer: Mária Géczi
Editing: Birgit Lorbeer, Elke Schwenck
Executive Producers: Bernhard von Hülsen, Maria Willer

A production of 3B-Produktion on behalf of ZDF in cooperation with ARTE