Staatsoper Unter den Linden

Trailer: Babylon

Jörg Widmann’s »Babylon« deals with the boundaries of language, and indeed of linguistic confusion. The composer places the multicultural society of the pre-ancient, culturally advanced metropolis of Babylon at the centre of his opera. It is not only the Babylonians who move between chaos and order, but also the Jewish exile Tammu, who forsakes his erstwhile love, the Soul, to turn instead to the Babylonian priestess of war and free love, Inanna.

Corporate Video, 2019, 2:27 Min.

Boris Fromageot

Camera Assistant:
Holger Wimmer

Nina Mühlenkamp

Commissioning Editor:
Susanne Lutz
Peggy Zenkner

Lucie Tamborini

Executive Producer:
Bernhard von Hülsen
Maria Willer

A production for Staatsoper Unter den Linden