DRK Schwesternschaft Berlin e.V.

We Care For You

Magic moments, a catchy tune and an important message: “WE CARE FOR YOU” is the title of the Berlin Red Cross nurses’ song. With “nursing is art” as their theme, the song and the video clip deal with the seven fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement.

The lead singer, Ute Spiegel, wrote the lyrics together with her co-workers Lea Friedrich and Angelika Wall – all three are professional nurses. The screenplay for the clip was created in close cooperation with the Red Cross nurses and director Ralf Pleger.

This time, Ralf Pleger, a film and opera director, hasn’t conjured up a production on the big stage, but instead in the hospital corridors of the German Red Cross clinic in Berlin’s central Mitte district, where he transforms these nurses in their everyday working world into enchanted characters, working his wizardry to capture them and their message.

Director: Ralf Pleger
Editor: Frank Tschöke
Director of Photography: Nikolai Sevke
Camera Assistant: René Zander
Sound: Robert Sandow
Gaffer: Toni Schultz
Light Desk Operator: Falk Buchröder
Best Boy: Tobias Gehlfuß
Set Design & Costume: Daria Kornysheva
Set Design Assistant: Andrei Loginov, Lascha Rostobaia
Costume Assistant: Alanis Aleksandrova
Hair & Make-up: Susanne Rothert, Bernd Dietrich
Props & Casting: Lea Friedrich
Color Correction: Jan Hartmann
Production Assistant: Elias Amler
Production Manager: Mária Géczi
Producer: Bernhard von Hülsen, Maria Willer

A production by 3B-PRODUKTION
In cooperation with DRK KLINIKEN BERLIN