In development for Deutsche Welle

Beethoven Pastoral Project

The BEETHOVEN PASTORAL PROJECT invites artists from all over the world to connect with one another and form a network by looking into the Ludwig van Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, and – with their performance of their Pastorals on World Environment Day on the 05.06.2020 – send a strong signal against the destruction of the environment.

Taking the BEETHOVEN PASTORAL PROJECT as a starting point, the 3B-Produktion is producing a film for Deutsche Welle, that will focus on musicians from around the world who strongly engage with the relationship between nature and music. The film itself will become part of the “Beethoven Pastoral Project” and will be broadcast on 05.06.2020.

The key anchor point of the film is Beethovens Pastoral. Using Beethoven’s romantic sense of environment as a starting point, we ask how we engage with nature today and how this is reflected in the music of our time. A wide range of music is taken into account and showcased: from the contemporary Water-compositions of Chinese composer Tan Dun, to the music of an environmental activist like Rubén Blades, from the classical interpretations of the Pastoral by a European Orchestra, to the adaption of a Pastoral motif by African musicians.

The common denominator is always the question: how can we as humans do justice to the environment and how can we express or relationship to nature in music?

In addition to the documentary we will share the project through social media clips and will deepen the focus on some aspects through videos on YouTube.

Social-Media-Clips, YouTube-Videos, Documentary (60 Minutes)