Echoing an Era: Simon Rattle & Berliner Philharmoniker

How will Sir Simon Rattle and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra shape the end of their era? Both sides will draw a balance but in truth, nobody will want to paint the final stroke. In fact, new doors will open and therefore the message of our filmic narration will be: “Diesem Ende wohnt ein Zauber inne!”

What will this magic consist of? We are witnessing the end of a marriage whose divorce has been handed in five years prior to the separation. The claims have been staked, most highs and lows of the relationship have been surpassed. It is the period of the greatest common denominator and (the greatest) serenity. We stand amidst the part of the relationship that we will come to miss the most.

This gives us the opportunity to comprehend which sides of Sir Simon Rattle’s personality have come to define his time with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra the most.

Documentary, D 2018, 52 min.
In Production

Director & Script: Eric Schulz
DOP: Fariba Nilchian
Editor: Peter Klum
Commissioning Editors: Christian von Behr, Dorothea Diekmann
Produktion Management: Maximilian Reich
Producers: Bernhard v. Hülsen, Maria Willer, Robert Zimmermann

A co-productiion of 3B-Produktion with RBB and BPhilMedia in cooperation with Arte