Ana de la Vega and the flute

The skilled flutist Ana de la Vega would have almost not become a soloist. The Australian musician had planned to quit the classical music establishment – she settled in Hannover and was planning to enter into music management. Before, she wanted to record one last album – ironically, this farewell-album turned out to be her breakthrough and became a bestseller. So Ana de la Vega postponed her farewell indefinitely – and good thing she did!

In “Ana de la Vega and the Flute” the recording of Mozart’s flute concerto in G-Major performed at “Die Glocke” in Bremen, is tightly interwoven with a documentary story ark that introduces an extraordinary soloist, as well as her complex instrument, constructed of mechanical clasps that the artist – quite literally – breathes life into.

A 3B-Produktion GmbH production, commissioned by NDR in cooperation with ARTE

Documentary, 43 Min.

A film by Ralph Baudach
DOP: Nikolai Sevke
Sound: Sebastian Jung, Jonas Nahnsen
Editor: Imke Koseck
Commissioning editor: Claudia Cellarius
Editorial Management: Ulrike Dotzer
Executive Producers: Bernhard von Hülsen, Maria Willer

TEAM Concerto in Bremen
Director: Michael Beyer
1st AD: Sebastian Richter
Editor: Uli Peschke
Camera: Maik Behres, Beatrice Albrecht, Martin Baas, Jürgen Clemens, Stephan Kochinke
Image Technicians: Alastair Owen, Markus Gänge, Arno Scholwin
Sound: Frank Jacobsen, Evgeny Ratushnyak
Soundengineer: Karel Bruggeman
Light: Rainer Martens
Unit Manager: Maria Géczi