ZDF/3Sat, Deutsche Grammophon

Lang Lang – Goldberg Variations: Finding the Inner Voice

Bach’s Goldberg Variations is one of the most demanding pieces a pianist can undertake. There is nowhere to hide. It is a display of both technical and artistic ability. The pianist must show the listener who they are! This is what the film is about: who is Lang Lang?

Lang Lang invites us to an encounter with this colossus of music literature at a time when he is re-organising and realigning his life, newly married and after he has had his first long concert break. Accordingly, we encounter a new Lang Lang in this film: more experienced, more thoughtful, more transparent and more concentrated.

A Film by: Andreas Morell
Director of Photography: Thomas Frischhut
Editor: Nina Mühlenkamp
Music Recordings: Christopher Alder, Philip Krause
Commissioning Editor ZDF: Martin Schneider
Producer Deutsche Grammophon: Ute Fesquet, Franziska Facile
Executive Producer: Bernhard von Hülsen, Maria Willer

A production by
3B-Produktion, ZDF/3sat and Deutsche Grammophon